Polonaise Vodka

Polonaise Exclusive Vodka

From the motherland of vodka, made out of the purest ingredients and crystal clear water. Three different spirits, six times distilled. The melody of Poland. Polonaise

Some facts about our product

It's easy to say the best, gentle or ideal. But the hardest is to join those features. The secret of our vodka's success is the making process. From the now mild taste, beautiful look and Polonaise is all the same. It's good, it's Polish.

Highly rated brand

Polonaise is a proposal for demanding people who choose things with a unique taste - sumptuous and elegant at the same time.

3 kind of spirits

We put our whole heart and spirit into making it... actually three kind of spirits: grain, apple and plum, diluted with crystal clear water.

40% by vol, 80% proof

The greatest asset is the noble, smooth, mature, rich taste. To ensure high quality, Polonaise Vodka is six times distilled.

Available anytime

Polonaise products are distributed around the United States and are available in major liquor stores.

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First impressions are always important, so let us introduce ourselves. How would we describe what we are? Smooth, different, exclusive. Polonaise vodka, trust me you can dance!

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Cytrynowka Weselna

Was made for consumers who enjoy the taste of lemon. The recipe is based on a family experience passing from generations. Vodka & lemon, in short.

Vodka with natural flavors

Made from purely natural ingredients. It has an intriguing flavor of freshly squeezed lemons.

The way you like

It can be consumed neat over ice, mixed with lemonade or simply sparkling mineral water.

Alc. by vol. 32%, 64% proof

Proposal for demanding people who like crisp fruit alcohol drinks. Good for every occasion and season of the year

Polonaise Liqueurs

Quality is our second name and that's why we came out with premium handcrafted liqueur. Our liqueurs are perfect especially during cold seasons due to the fact that it supports natural immunity. It also indicates reassuring abilities.

Three different flavors

Raspberry, Cherry and Blackcurrant to satisfy all needs.

Four simple natural ingredients

Our secret recipe contains grain spirit, fresh fruits, crystal clear water and real sugar.

Alc. by vol. 25%, 50% proof

The exclusive product boasting a unique flavor using old Polish recipe left to us by our ancestors.

We would love to tell you more about our products. Give us a call or use the online form to contact us. You can dance, can't you?

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